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My name is Dave, and I would like to wish you a warm welcome to “Davworld”. I do hope you will find my site here interesting and informative and that you enjoy your visit here. Why Davworld? I hear you asking. Well, as I say, my name is David, but I am known as both Dave and David… and Dav covers both – it’s as that, and this is my world. I also have a You Tube channel that runs alongside this site, DavWorld TV. You can see it at http://www.youtube.com/davworldtv- and I do hope you like what you see there.

I live in the UK, and am married to Elaine. I have been vegetarian since December 2000. I am a massive supporter of Huddersfield Town FC, and another interest of mine is visiting different UK Football League grounds in general. These are ones from the English Premiership and League, Scottish Premier and League and the Welsh Premier League. I haven’t been able to do this for about 18 months now, but I’m hoping this will resume soon. I also liked to visit what I call “Lost Grounds”. These are sites of old Football League grounds, now no longer there, but where the fans stood, and the cheers of the crowds, once loud and vibrant, have now become just a distant memory & have gone in the mist of time. I also take in visits to Non League grounds as well. Away from football, I also like motor sport, and snooker.

The media is another big interest of mine – broadcasting history, presentation and transmission. I have a large collection of Radio Times’ dating back to an original copy of the first edition from 1923. I like visit the sites of broadcast transmitters, and TV stations when I am able to, and have pages on here featuring these. I have a general TV/Radio Page for miscellaneous items, called “Broadcast” and also, a page dedicated to NCB Radio. This is a community radio station broadcasting from the Ark, in Bodmin, Cornwall, UK. Do have a look at this page, and do listen in (see top of this page). The whole of the NCB team are a really great group of people. This is a venture which I’m priviledged to have followed and been supporting since the very beginning. I also have good friends at Apple AM (Apple FM 11th May) – radio for Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton.

I enjoy TV series related to time travel, noteably of course, Doctor Who, but there is one I hold great affection for and am a big fan of, and that is the 1970s series, Timeslip. I have a special page especially dedicated to it – “It’s about Time”. I very much enjoy the programmes “Last of t Summer Wine”, Life on Mars (& Ashes to Ashes) and “On the Buses”. Lastly, but certainly not least, I am also a big fan of the comic genius that is Laurel and Hardy. Other interests of mine are travelling, astronomy, geomorphology, 20th century history (including visiting museums, vintage bus events etc), photography and the Celtic languages, particulary Cornish.

Finally, and most important to me, I like trying to find ways to better myself as a person.

Davworld TV
Do take a look at Davworld TV -http://www.youtube.com/davworldtv

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